Projects and collaborations

Inovie Fertilité. PMA Avignon

Original and personalized watercolors for the PMA Avignon clinic.

Im-vitro (París)

Original and personalized watercolors with the corporate colors of the company Im-vitro.

Genomic Prediction

Original watercolors for the covers of the January and September 2021 newsletters. Large format watercolors for the new laboratory. May 2022

iFertility (Cordoba)

For this Andalusian fertility clinic I made 3 patterns that they have used for their surgical hats and other products. I also made 3 watercolor paintings for their premises. June 2021.


CIRH (Barcelona)

CIRH is an assisted reproduction clinic that is part of the Eugin Group. Together we created the “Painted Dreams” campaign. I created an original watercolor of a blastocyst hatching in aquamarine, turquoise and emerald tones and also designed a greeting card by way of packaging.

During the «Painted Dreams» campaign we carried out a variety of actions on social networks and streamed a video together on Instagram with the Director of the laboratory  Aïda Pujol.



Embryotools is an innovative company that is passionate about the improvement of assisted reproductive techniques.
During the spring of 2020, I made an exclusive print for them to be used as a design on their surgical caps.

INSER (Cartagena, Colombia)

INSER Cartagena is a fertility clinic in Colombia. In January 2020 I made an original watercolor in A3 for them; it was of the first five embryos that they transferred.

Anhel Vallés

Anhel Vallés is an association whose aim is to accompany infertility as well as gestational, perinatal and neonatal grief, and to make them visible.
In November 2019 I designed a solidarity Christmas postcard for them.