I have a star

When your grief is gestational, perinatal and neonatal

Gestational, perinatal and neonatal grief are painful realities that are experienced in many homes. Families that have to say goodbye to their babies much too soon. Families with stars. The goal of these watercolors is to create a palpable and lasting memory. They aim to provide, at one and the same time, a place where that life and that loss can co-exist.  A place for your gaze and your feelings.


These are personalized illustrations made with great care and respect. I try to give each image a delicacy that simultaneously evokes serenity. My aim is to create a work that is tailored to each family, that is unique and unrepeatable, because no two stories are the same. Each watercolor recounts a lived story or a dream that looked for life. They are pictorial stories created with brush-strokes of color where it is in the details, more than anything, that meaning is found and where the painting is filled with emotions.


tengo una estrella
If you would like me to paint one of these watercolors for you, please fill out the following form so that I can contact you. Once I receive your email I will be in touch with you as soon as possible so that we can have a conversation and then together arrive at the illustration that you want. If you don’t have a definite idea to begin with, don’t worry – together we will surely come up with one!

 Think of a color, a detail, a song, a name, a date…