About me


Watercolor has a magic that combines fluidity with control, spontaneity with precision, freedom with direction. Opposites that complement and enrich each other, and together form a whole. In the same way, my artistic career has always been linked to the other side of my life, that of social mediator. 

Over 12 years I have worked on different social projects, many of them combining the artistic with the educational. I have used the creative space as a socializing and transformative tool. I have never painted simply to paint; I have always needed something that impelled me to do it – a reason, a meaning. 

I studied plastic arts and illustration at the Massana School in Barcelona and did my final work on autism and illustration in Buenos Aires in 2008.

During the years of infertility that I experienced until I became a mother I used my notebook and watercolors to express myself. This is how the colored embryos were born – painting my own in each treatment! Having them on paper made me feel closer to them.
I am currently focusing my work on original and personalized watercolors, on infertility, assisted reproduction, gestational and perinatal grief, as well as on pregnancy.