Watercolor ultrasounds

95,00145,00 (VAT included)

Choose the size of paper that you want your ultrasound to be painted on
I will paint a unique and personalized watercolor based on your ultrasound. You will receive the original work painted on cotton paper.

It is very important that you remember to attach the photograph. On the delivery and payment data page you will find a space indicating: ‘Upload your photo’.  This is the place to attach your ultrasound. Choose the highest quality image you have. On the same form you will find a text box called, ‘Order Notes’.  In this box you can write the colors you want for your watercolor and also include any additional details. I can add gold or silver to give it an even more special touch. You can also tell me in this box if there is any color that you do not want me to use.

I love painting to the music that each work has
so, if you wish, you can tell me if there is a song that you would like me to listen to while I make your watercolor. These watercolors are hand painted individually so, depending on the demand at any particular time, it may take up to three weeks before you receive yours. If you need your painting urgently, contact me and I will look at how this can be resolved
As the paintings are personalized and customized works, it is not possible to return them. I try to ensure that the packaging is secure and protects the watercolor but if for any reason your watercolor does not arrive in perfect condition, let me know as soon as possible!
Please remember that when you buy an illustration or watercolor you only buy the physical work, not the copyright, distribution or further use.

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