Embryos in colour

Bringing color to the beginning of life

Pregnancy doesn’t always come naturally. Many of us call on assisted reproductive techniques to achieve motherhood or fatherhood. The path is not always easy: we know when it begins but not when or how it ends. One of the wonderful things about in vitro fertilization is that thanks to the technology employed by many laboratories we can see images of our embryos in their first days of life! We have techniques such as using an embryoscope, which allows us to see the movement of cells as they change in embryos. They are impressive images that I am passionate about painting. To give them life, to give them magic!

From the black and white photograph of an embryo when it is nothing more than a combination of cells I create original watercolors, unique pieces in magnificent color. A very first portrait, a memory that will last forever.


In what colors do you imagine your embryo?

The possibilities are endless
All of the watercolors are hand painted. They are original and personalized works and use your preferred colors. If you want, you can choose to have your painting finished with some detail in gold or silver so that it looks magical!
The paintings are made on toxin free 300g cotton watercolor paper. If you would like me to paint you or your embryos, please remember to attach the photograph to the form that you will find when you enter the delivery information.